Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My TODAY Show Experience!

Here is the link to my segment on the Today Show: April's Cooking Segment on TODAY Show
For the RECIPE click here: Hot, Sticky, and Sweet Potatoes
Me and Mere! She was extremely nice!
Well, I'm back!!  It was a short, but VERY eventful trip to NYC.  I am so glad Zach was able to come with me because, I would have been pretty much on my own in the Big Apple for the first time if he wasn't there.  As I said before we got there on Sunday, checked in at our hotel right across from Rockefeller Center.  The city was amazing, Zach and I absolutely LOVED it!  We met the producer and 2 other cooks that afternoon to do a run through.  They producer took us through the prep kitchens and gorgeous cooking studio!  Then we went into the actual TODAY Show Studio where a table was set up with each of our stations.  Post-it notes labelled each ingredient bowl or plate to make sure we had everything right.

We ran through it with the producer a few times, and the food stylists asked a few questions about how we wanted our "beauty" dish displayed.  It was very straight forward.  They were all very nice, but also assertive...They definitely know what they are doing!  They had my ingredients layed out perfectly, and they made it so easy on me to demo!  it is funny how TV looks so glamorous, but other than the actual studios backstage was nothing too amazing.  All of the money goes into what will be seen on TV.
Meredith' s Dressing Room

After the run through we walked to Times Square (AMAZING) and ate a little Italian place called Serafina.  It was a neat place with good food, but we were both tired and trying not to spend too much money.  We just got the Calamari and a Basil, Prosciutto, and Egg Pizza.  It was very fresh and not too heavy which was nice since it was pretty late.  We we went back to the hotel and passed out with a wake up call of 6 am, not too bad for a morning show.

Walking to the studio for the Show!

I got myself ready, and we walked over to the Studio.  We went into the Green Room (where show guests sit and wait for the there appearances.)  We ate a little breakfast, then they called me up for Hair and make-up.  They have so many guests it was like an assembly line up there!  The lady did my hair in probably 6 minutes, and it was BIG let me tell ya.  Haha I definitely felt glamed up, then another lady touched up my make-up.  Zach liked the make-up, he kept asking if I can do it that way at home :).  I'll sure try!

Next the we know we are walking into the studio with each of our dishes prepped and ready to go, with a beautiful finished dish for each of us.  Meredith came by a about 30 sec to introduce herself and tell us to have fun.  Then before we knew it we were on!  It went fast, but it was lots of fun.  At one point Zach was trying to take a picture and Matt Lauer was trying to get by him, Zach's face was hilarious.

After our segment ended, we went out to watch Bruno Mars play some songs.  He was awesome by the way!
Then the producer in charge of us said "Alright so great to meet you all! Your cars will be at the hotel to pick you up at the time on your itinerary.  Thanks so much, great job!"  And we were back on our own on the streets of NYC again just like everyone else.  It was pretty funny, I had just been on national TV, and then BAM it was over.  I kind of wanted to people on the street know I was kind of a big deal, I had just been on The TODAY show and everything. haha I don't know that they would have been to impressed. Lastly we went to FAO Schwarts where somehow we ended up spending $23 on candy.  I still don't know how that happened.

 Then we ate at Burger Heaven...it really was a little piece of Heaven I think!  And we were off back to Nashville and real life.  This morning I turned on the TODAY Show, and thought "yep I was on that yesterday!"


tamie joeckel said...

Precious! Your fellow cooks are SO PROUD of you!!

XXX Tamie

RecipeGirl said...

So fun!!!

Delicious Dishes by Debbie said...

Awesome April. You are our superstar. Congratulations. Love you girl.
Don't ever change...I've seen it happen to some and I think you are perfect the way you are.

Ann L. Miller-Tobin said...

April you were awesome and you looked great! You did such a wonderful job and you are a big deal to all of us your FANS!!!! I can understand 23 for cany in NYC the prices are horribel! great job great post thanks for sharing!!!

phatchow said...

Oh April, I'm sure everyone on the NYC streets could tell they were in the presence of a star and have all read your blog (they were just trying to act cool and collected around celebrity)...

I'm so excited to go home and watch it (dvr is a magical thing); I haven't had the chance with tests and projects galore due this week. I'm so proud of your perseverance in all this. You're definitely proving that success IS attainable with passion and hard work : )

Hope I at least catch a glimpse of your beautiful face this week when were all in Nashville (besides on my tv)!




Kay said...

What a neat experience! We in the 'boro' feel kinda like we were there with you. So glad Zach got to go along. Love you guys, Monie

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the recipe! Can't wait to try it!

Lindsay Rudolph said...

That is so cool!!! What a blast! So, so happy for you and proud of your super-star appearance!

Shari said...

You were great, April. I had watched all morning, waiting for your segment. Then right after it started, John called. I said I had to call him back. I knew if I took two minutes to talk to him, I might miss you entirely ... because those cooking segments are always pretty quick. (He understood because I had already told him about your appearance!) I'm glad you enjoyed NYC and the TODAY experience.

Gina Brandstetter said...

You were great and looked like such a pro!! What an experience. Sounds like you savored every moment of it.

Kathie McDonald-McClure said...

April, I am so proud of you. You were delightful to watch and listen to. You sound like such a pro. If you had nerves, it did not show at all whereas. And I just love the way you add ingredients "to give the dish a little kick!" I thought TODAY did a great job picking the winners to demo their dishes, making for a good segment overall. And your recipe sounded and looked fantastic! I know Courtney, the healthy food hippie, will totally approve! She has been so busy with school, including pulling an all-nighter on a paper for Monday, she has not had a chance to watch the DVR yet!

Can't wait to hug you when we see you over Thanksgiving! Stay true to yourself, always keep believin' and you will reach your dreams!

mangiabella said...

april it's all so exciting - congratulations again - much love to you sweet bella

Sheila said...


Great post! It was like being there! Your energy just bounces off the screen. I'm looking forward to seeing more!

Keep rockin' Girl!

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