Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cranberry Naturals and a Christmas Cocktail!

I usually try to avoid just drinking fruit juices, because they tend to have tons of sugar or WORSE High Fructose Corn Syrup.  However, I was sent two varieties of Old Orchard Cranberry Naturals, and I must say they are delicious!  And guess what, they have NO high fructose corn syrup,  and they are naturally sweetened with Truvia and Beet sugar.  They only have 70 calories per serving as opposed to the 120+ calories in similar products.  Keep an eye out they will be in stores soon!

 I decided I'd make a little Christmas Cocktail with the Cranberry-Raspberry Flavor...YUM!

Rub a lemon wedge around the rim of glas and dip in sugar.  Shake rum and juice over ice, strain into martini glass.  Top it off with gingerale, and drop in a few cranberries! Enjoy!


Phat Chow said...

Sweetened all naturally with Truvia!? I love it!!!

MMM looks like a warm and fuzzy Christmas party in a martini glass : )

Making this cocktail ASAP!

When salt rimming your cocktails this holiday season, get fancy and go with ground, all natural, and super beneficial, Himalayan Salt!


Cookin' Up Dreams in April's Kitchen said...

haha you are the most health concious person I know...and you are my cousin. We are both food nerds...that's awesome! haha

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