Friday, December 17, 2010

Inspiration in Hartsville...WOW

Last night I travelled to Hartsville, TN in Trousdale County to do a cooking demo put on by UT Extension.  The town has been participating in a program called "Get healthy Hartsville" all year in which they have made goals and decisions to live healthier lifestyles.  I wasn't sure what to expect or how exciting my night would in Hartsville, TN.  I had no idea I'd be challenged and inspired by one special woman.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Yates, a high school math teacher from Montgomery County.  She was going to be talking about staying healthy through the holidays and goals for 2011.

She came up to me before everything started and said she was so glad I was there and so excited get this opportunity.  I asked her what brought her here and what she was going to talk about.  She proceeded to tell my mom and I that she had lost OVER 250 POUNDS in the past 2 years!  Oh and guess what else, she did it ALL ON HER OWN, NO PILLS OR SURGERY!!  Our jaws dropped, she was so passionate about her experience and her decision to change her life.  She did it, and she did in a way that many people don't believe is possible.  She said she had to really research how to eat healthy and how to exercise, because she really had no clue.  It almost brought me to tears listening to her, and knowing she didn't turn to anything but her faith and her own strength to make the change she wanted to see happen.  How refreshing it is to see some one MAKE A DECISION, KEEP THE FAITH, PERSEVERE, and NOT EXPECT someone or something else to do it for them.  I think it is something we tend to forget in our society where we think we have a "right" to everything without making any sacrifices or experiencing any discomfort.  Jennifer believed and knew that this was up to her, and she wasn't looking to anything but God and herself to get it done.

She is a single woman and understands that most people don't have the time to put in to research like she did, so she has now become a certified health coach!  WOW!  She began talking about how everyone has a relationship with food, and she was so glad and shocked to hear that even I had struggled with emotional eating.  My demo went fine, but Jennifer was truly the star of the show, it was worth the trip just to be able to meet her.  I'd like to leave you with a piece of Jennifer's positive affirmation she says to herself each day, I am going to join her in that!

"Today is a great day and I have the opportunity to show up the best me ever!  I am an irresistible magnet with the absolute power to attract in my life everything I desire.  My life is a huge success!  
My beliefs create my reality!  I choose robust health, constant happiness, and eternal love.  I attract, heal, and positively influence the lives of people in my community. I think BIG thoughts, relish small pleasures and handle all set backs gracefully.

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